5 Quotes on Creativity

1.  (Creative people) are maginificent risk takers, unafraid to run ahead of the great popular tide.

2.  The trick to creativity is to identify your own particular talent and then settle down to work with it for a good long time.

3.  The courage to create often came not from looking within but from looking outside themselves, from relying on something perceived as distinctly larger than their own tiny vulnerable beings.

4. Volume alone produces options; options permit the exercise of opinion and taste.

5.  Creative people seem to have a greater tolerance for the ambiguous circumstances that begin most projects. They are more willing to entertain a prolonged period of leisurely drifting about, curious to see where the unpredictable currents will take them. From this lightness of spirit come the fruits of imagination.

SOURCE:  "Uncommon Genius"  -  Denise Shekerjian  -  Penguin Books



When we first moved in I was apprehensive about the traffic in front of the house - there's a traffic light and gas station. But the traffic noise is minor and the surroundings actually give me an opportunity to see how I can "re-work" reality to tell a different story. (I honestly didn't know the squirrel was in it until I looked at the photo on the computer)