5 more quotes on creativity

1. Money is not nearly as important a condition to doing creative work as maintaining the confidence and the courage to keep at it.

2. The future belongs to people who can integrate across disciplines, the idea of colliding frames of reference that produce an unexpected twist.

3. The vision generates the ideas and carries forth the work, no the hope of praise, reward, or glory.

4. Creativity, no matter which of its many definitions you favor, requires something new, a different interpretation, a break from the twin opiates of habit and cliche.

5. Through relentlessness come the cultivation of skills and the perfect of technique. Through motive come the decisions as to which projects to pursue and in what order. Through resolve, resources are marshalled and strength is mustered. Through tenacity, friends and collaborators are selected.


SOURCE:  "Uncommon Genius"  -  Denise Shekerjian  -  Penguin Books



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