Embrace the rhythms

This post is a little more personal than most because I am in a very unusual season right now. I am producing a theatrical show that premieres in one week. It’s an incredible show with terrific actors and a great message (disclaimer – my wife, another lady and I wrote it, but it really is good!). It’s with a new non-profit theater group which means much of the work is done by a few people. So in the past couple months I’ve created music cues, recorded and edited video clips, worked on the set assembly, coordinated rehearsals and I’m one of the actors. I know, no one held a gun to my head and forced me to do all this. It’s all stuff I love to do and so far it hasn’t totally consumed me even though I do have another paid job and have felt somewhat squeezed at times.

All this to say, I know there will eventually be a time to slow down, a time to relax more. And that’s one of the things I love about life and try very hard to maintain: the rhythms. I do my best to regulate them properly and then live life in their yoke.


This is one of my favorite angles to photograph when I visit my father-in-law's farm up north.