The book revisited

OK - one more post from the book "Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process". Consider these:

The refining and time consuming process of self-awareness is one of the biggest and most beautiful steps an artist can take toward creating deeply connected art that calls your audience to more.

If it doesn't mean anything to the artist it won't mean anything to the audience.

We believe in something because the stories they tell give meaning to our lives. In the end, you still must decide what kind of story you will tell.

Your art will never advance unless you are curious about its boundaries and why it sometimes doesn't work the way you want it to. We should approach our failures with curiosity.

Becoming a great artist is about sitting and paying attention to the world that is passing everyone else by.

Beauty is a tricky, slippery bugger. But she must be captured, given shape with our bare hands and open hearts, and then reflected out into the world.


 Another shot from the cool place we visited last week (Hot Rod City).