Question yourself

Usually when I’m creating a work of art, the last thing I try to do is question what I’m doing. It’s hard enough breaking through the resistance and being free to follow whatever creative path I’m on. But, there may be times where questioning can be a positive force as I create, especially if I’m doing something that I’ve done for a long time.

I was in Dallas this week on a business trip and went downtown to do some street photography. I usually get the standard shots – tall skyscrapers, people walking, and cars at intersections. But then I began to question what I was doing and what I could do that would be totally different. So I started asking questions like:

     - Could I photograph chunks and sections of buildings that represent the structure rather than the whole structure?

     - What would it look like if I put the camera on the road and got the photo from the asphalt’s point of view?

     - Could I just photograph reflections of buildings in other buildings?

All of these “questions” lead to a completely different perspectives that were new and intriguing. So, as you create, don’t forget to question yourself occasionally and see what new results come from it.


Waiting for a plane in the airport I thought these shadows were interesting.