Stay curious

We often talk about how failure is just a learning opportunity – a way to grow. But how do we do it? How do we step back and objectively look at what happened with an eye toward growth? The best idea I’ve found is to approach it with curiosity. Then go further and pretend that whatever happened, happened to someone else and begin to ask questions like…

“Why didn’t that turn out the way he/she envisioned?”

“What did he/she forget about the basics?”

“Would more (or less) time have made a difference?”

“Was he/she trying to work too fast?”

“Was it a lack of preparation?”

“Did he/she accept boundaries that were false?”

These kinds of questions are especially important as we begin any new kind of work. As we learn and grow it’s important to keep this in mind:

“The lack of curiosity (particularly in regard to our failures) means the death of any new work.”  Blaine Hogan


I've been trying to get this photo of our town Main St. without cars for quite awhile.