New tools new rules

I don’t know of any creative pursuit that doesn’t require some kind of equipment. A writer needs a typewriter or a computer or a pencil. A dancer needs rhythm or music. A composer needs an instrument. A painter needs a paintbrush and something to paint on.

Sometimes adding a different type of tool can jumpstart your creativity. I recently bought an inexpensive neutral density filter for my camera and took it out to see what affect it would have on my photography. I knew it wasn’t the best quality but I was interested to see how it would change the way I approach picture taking. It turned out to be very interesting and fun because I looked through the lens with a different perspective. I could now take some shots that I couldn’t have before and visa versa.

So try a new tool and learn some new rules. It may give you a new perspective that brings something fresh to your artistry. Just make sure you don’t get caught up in the “if I get this I’ll really be an artist” trap. I could have easily spent $80 or more on this filter, but I opted to spend $20. Maybe I’ll upgrade in the future, but right now I’m interested in learning what all can be done with this one.


Here's one I took using my new ND filter. You can hold the shutter open longer for more color saturation.