Capture the feeling

Often I approach photography by thinking of the subject I want to shoot. Every year in the fall I look for opportunities to get that colorful landscape or that tree that just turned bright orange.

But lately I've been thinking about how to capture a feeling instead of a subject. For example, what does "peace" look like? What would represent the idea of peace or rest? For me the color brown immediately comes to mind for some reason. Then I think of other things like a calm lake or an empty bench or a crackling fireplace or... sheep (see below).

So, could you do this in your creative pursuit? If you're into visual arts, how would you capture "energy"? What would represent that idea? If you compose music, what kind of score would embody the idea of "whimsy"? If you dance, think of how you would choreograph "elated".


One morning on the way to work I took a brand new route and discovered a field full of sheep.