Yesterday I was working on a way to introduce a non-profit group to the audience of our theater production which opened last night. I didn’t want to just stand there and give them facts and figures which would quickly tune them out until I was finished. So, I had the idea of doing a pop quiz and giving them multiple choice questions to present how the non-profit got started and why we exist. It was a fun way to keep their interest and get the information across.

The key learning here is that this idea came to me toward the end of a 3 mile run that I do every other day. I can’t tell you how many ideas have come to me once I get in the groove and begin to let my mind work on a situation or issue. There’s no iPod, no TV, no book to read – just the sound of my two feet hitting the pavement (and an occasional car).

So, remember to put the tools down and unplug occasionally, especially if you’re looking for a solution to something or a new idea. You don’t have to run, but try walking or cooking or anything that gets you away from your everyday routine and distractions. It’s great for creativity!


I was in Dallas a few weeks on business and ate in this cool blue restaurant.