More amazing similarities between music and photography

One of the things I miss most about playing with a band is the on-going collaboration, especially in concert.  I played with Soundoctrinefor 5 or 6 years and our sound was described as alternative/funk/jazz/fusion. What kept it fresh was the unknown factor when we would get to the solo parts. The songs would be played a little differently every time. I’ve often thought about the similarities to downhill skiing where there are multiple decisions to be made continuously, one right after another – which way to turn, how to miss the slower person ahead, where to avoid the ice, whether to jump or ski through a mogel. It’s that way with jazz where you are in the zone constantly expressing who you are in a unique way while playing within constraints (key signature, timing, scales)

Editing photography is similar in that you have constraints like rule of thirds, color, exposure, etc. But the uniqueness comes when you express your vision of what you see – your story. It’s usually more of a solitary experience, but you’re still riffing on the photo, trying this or that until it’s just right (or you realize you’ve spent WAY too much time and you just need to quit). Even the most extreme abstract photos are similar to avant garde music where there isn’t much recognizable structure but it still reflects the person who created it in one way or another.

And that’s what’s important here: that your creative projects reflect who you are and your unique vision. There is no one on the earth that has your DNA, gifts, abilities, and life story. They are valuable and worth bringing to bear on all that you do.



I had some on a business meeting in Florida so I went to the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. The sun had just risen which helped bring out the red in their beaks. I wanted to show some order amidst the chaos.