This is why I take pictures

So I'm in a meeting last week and I decided to take a quick look at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals website (sometimes you just need some eye candy). When I did, I saw that one of my photos was chosen for the Image of the Week (it's below). I was surprised and gratified, especially when they emailed and said they would like to print the photo in their magazine.

I been thinking about why the editors of NAPP would chose this particular photo, although it has been one of my favorites. In fact, I put it on the inside cover of my Christmas CD. Still, you never know how your own tastes compare with the general public.

Many people have commented on the photo, so I decided to copy and paste their comments into and see if I could find some clues as to why they like it. After taking out all the "congrats-type" words, here's what it shows:


It's cool that the word "love" showed up more than any other word, but I was still curious about what the viewer felt when they saw the photo, because in my mind, photography is about emotion and story. So here are the coments that really excite me:

     I want to go to there.

     Quiet serenity.

     You can hear the quiet of the scene.

     I just feel like I could walk into a story when I look at it.

     Despite the coldness , this gives me a warm feeling

This is why I take pictures - because sometimes when I view a photograph I go to a place, or I feel an emotion, or I am moved in some way.