Are you indispensable?

Once again Seth Godin has some wonderful words for those who are artists from his book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?:

In the linchpin economy, the winners are once again the artists who give gifts. Inventing a gift, creating art - that is what the market searches for, and the givers are the ones who earn our respect and attention.

Creativity is personal, original, unexpected and useful

Unique creativity requires domain knowledge, a position of trust as well as the generosity to actually contribute. Unique implies that the creativity is focused and insightful.

Delivering unique creativity is hardest of all, because not only do you have insight, but you also need to be passionate enough to risk the rejection that delivering a solution can bring.


This is the original post office from the town of Jamestown, NC. It now oversees the bountiful garden at my brother-in-laws home just outside of town.