Know when to say when

The computer has given us an incredible new universe of creativity. If you’re a digital artist you can start with a photo and create a finished image that tells a completely different story. If you’re a composer, you can add layers to your original music track that creates a whole new feeling for the song. But this creative freedom can be a two-edged sword because sometimes simplicity speaks louder than complexity, especially these days. There have even been studies that show how more choices can lead to anxiety because it requires more mental space than we’re willing to give.

Julieanne Kost is a terrific digital artist and offers these thoughts:

“…with the digital realm being so forgiving and offering so many options for exploration, it is here that discipline becomes part of the challenge. The paint is never dry, the exposure is never fixed, and the print is never final. All of it can be done differently at any point. Here, the art form is knowing when to stop. It's about realizing when you've said what you set out to say".



This was one of those "happy accidents" where I realized after working on the photo that the train in the background has "Triple Crown" on it. I just happened to snap this photo at the moment the train was whizzing by.