Blue Ocean creativity

There’s a book called Blue Ocean Strategy that deals with innovation in the marketplace. It talks about how most businesses exist in “red ocean” waters where everyone is doing the same things in the same way and the main competitive opportunity is price. It’s a brutal, hostile place because everyone is doing the same thing in a slightly different way and relying on cost as the differentiator.

Then there’s the “blue ocean”. The place some businesses have created where either a new problem is solved or an old problem is solved in a completely new way. This is the place where you swim alone and undisturbed, at least for a period of time until others begin to copy you.

I believe the same is true with creativity. Every once in a while step out and find your blue ocean – your true voice. Find your unique imprint. It’s easy to mimic. It’s easy to copy. It’s so easy to fall into the “what I should do” trap. But what if you made the sky purple? What if you wrote a musical with no lyrics – just instrumental music and pantomime? What if…


Another photo from Beaver Creek State Park. The photo opps seem endless at this place, especially in the off-season mornings.