Another random drive by

Earlier this week I took a photo in Oklahoma while driving down the road at 55-ish MPH. This is similar to the “happy accident” idea where you quickly do something that may (or may not) lead to something very special. In this case I would see something out ahead that looks interesting, pick up the camera, wind down the window and shoot – no looking through the view finder – just shoot. Most of the time it’s a blurry, badly composed experiment. But sometimes it actually works.

As you create whatever you create, how could you insert randomness to it? What if you decided that you would be reckless and daring for one half hour? Write a song in 7/4 tempo. Write a poem that starts with every letter of your first name. Draw your house on a piece of 11 X 17 paper – with your eyes closed.

If nothing else, randomness is a way to climb out of a creative rut. It’s also possible you may discover some of your best work!


Here is one of my “drive bys” from earlier this week, after cropping and processing.