An unfair advantage?

Are we born with varying degrees of creativity? Are some people born with creative gifts and others with a more left brain orientation? I’ve even read about how certain disabilities are associated with creative types. For example, Tourette Syndrome (TS) - which is something I personally have - has been linked to musicians, artists and other creative types. But in my case, I also know that when I engage in something creative my TS symptoms fade away. I’ve often wondered if the relief creativity brings to TS symptoms is why there is a connection between TS and creative people.

Then there’s another perspective which says art is all about courage, not innate talent or ability:

It takes courage to do art. To have the courage of your conviction and do art when perhaps no one else believes in you. When it comes to art, that’s the only talent there is. The courage to overcome.

Courage? In-born talent? Environmental factors? How about we just side step these questions and go create something!



There's alot of history right near us. This is from Ft. Steuben in Steubenville, OH.