Ctrl Z - it

We've all seen the tightrope walker above the city going from one tall building to another. What makes this so captivating is that if he falls there's no safety net - nothing to save him from plunging to his death.

Enter: Ctrl Z.

Ctrl Z is Windows way of saying "It's OK. Just do it. If you don't like it or change your mind, I'm right here". All you have to do is hold down the Control key on the keyboard and press the letter "Z". In every program I use, I know that I can simply "Ctrl Z - it" if I make a mistake. Type the wrong word: Ctrl Z. Make a mistake in photo editing: Ctrl Z. Don't like the last pass I did with that piano solo? Ctrl Z.

There's something amazing that happens when you know you can undo whatever you did. It frees you up to experiment and to test things, knowing that it's easily erased with a simple keyboard command. So if you create things using a computer, go for it, try things, experiment. The safety net will save you. Just Ctrl Z - it.


Another old, authentic, unpretentious, home that is patiently waiting for someone to bring life back to it. I took this photo while driving home. It's in South Carolina somewhere.