Give it up

A friend of mine once told me a true story about a lady who lived in a nursing home. She had an obsessive disorder where she would keep her fist help tightly in a ball as if she was holding something very valuable and didn’t want to lose it. It was so real to her that she had trouble eating and doing other normal things because she continually had to hold this imaginary object in her hand. One day the nurses were trying to get her to loosen her grip so she could go to the bathroom by herself. Over and over they tried to convince her there was nothing in her hand and that she should just quit pretending. Finally my friend said “May I hold this for you?” The older lady looked at her and said “Yes. Thank you”. Then she carefully handed the imaginary object to my friend and made her way to the bathroom.

Is there something keeping you from expressing the creativity you’ve been given? Maybe one of your parents thought you should go in a certain career path. Maybe someone made fun of a painting you did as a child. Maybe you're doubting your creative abilities, or are in a dry period creatively. Let someone hold it. In your mind, give it up to someone. My worldview calls for me to give these kinds of things to God; He’s the one that created me, knows me better than anyone else, and loves it when I express my wild imagination.

Maybe it’s time to for you to “give it up” – carefully and gently, but once and for all…



I was driving through western PA and came up on this cool old car.