What moves you?

When it comes to good art-making, you must always begin with what moves you.        Blaine Hogan

Each of us has unique DNA, personalities and life experiences. What moves you may not move me. What brings a lump in my throat may not be an issue with you. On the other hand, we may share the same emotional response when we see the same photo or dance routine. Certain photos capture the hearts of almost everyone who sees them. The point is, there’s no way of knowing what will move someone who experiences your art. So begin with what moves you. Begin building on a piece that somehow makes you look twice even though you may not know why. It’s the exploration and rabbit chasing that so often leads to something that is far greater because you chose to pursue it.



In the spirit of what moves me, I hated to see this guy chained up like he is. It helps that St. Bernards look forlorn anyway.