Plan the work; work the plan

If you are in charge of a multi-faceted project that involves a bunch of creative pieces, I have a suggestion that will help you "ship" more effectively. I produce theatrical shows at a local theater and have a simple system for some very complex productions:

The three keys are: 1. WHAT  2. HOURS DONE  3. HOURS LEFT. Knowing what I have to do and approximately how long it will take allows me to schedule things accordingly. It clears the fog of the undone list. And, keeping track of the HOURS DONE helps for the next time. While it takes a little time to set this up and update it, the peace of mind that comes from knowing where I am in the process is worth it!


I was taking a random drive south of town and found these two guys hanging out. One was nice enough to pose for me (didn't get a model release though).