More on plan the work; work the plan

I talked about the approach I take to accomplish complex creative projects in my 8/19/11 post. There are essentially 4 steps:

  1. WHAT has to be done? Identify every piece of the project no matter how small.
  2. HOW LONG will each piece take? Keep track of your estimated and actual time spent.
  3. WHEN will each piece be done? Schedule a start and finish date.
  4. WHO will deliver each of the pieces?

Tonight we have a theater show that has a cast of 13 and will utilize a lot of different elements:

     - 17 sound cues

     - 6 videos

     - 2 backdrop graphics

     - 6 original comedy sketches

     - 5 original video “commercials”

     - 14 “knock, knock” jokes

     - 1 magic show

     - 20 minute music package

All this was done by a relatively small team working together for about 2 months, which could only be done because of planning the work and then working the plan.

If you’re a creative that is also responsible for delivering, there is a strange combination of hats you wear. One is a multi-colored, frumpy, bouncy, audacious hat that lets you dream and create and explore. The other is a black, stiff, non-descript hat that lets you organize, plan and stay focused on completing each task. Wear them with pride. Wear them and deliver.


It was made to be driven, but it's now still and forgotten.