The big Rrrrr

If you've ever sat down to create something, especially if it's for other people and has a deadline, you've probably encountered the Big R - RESISTANCE. Resistance is that unnamed source that tries to block creative output. It tries to tell you that you have no business trying to act or write or compose or draw because, well, just because.

I heard someone talking about resistance and he said that great screen writers overcome it by starting at the climax of the story - the place where everything comes together and gets resolved. Then they just write backwards and let the story unfold.

I wonder if this would work for other types of creativity? Could an artist start with the finished painting and visualize it before she starts? Could a photographer start with an idea of what subject and mood he wants before he begins taking photos? Before you start your next creative piece, take a moment to think and visualize what the perfect outcome would be. Add as much detail as you possibly can. Then move toward that outcome and let the resistance fade away.


 I like looking for "concept photos" and these signs just went together. Found them on my lunch break the other day.