Recommended Reading

I just finished one of the best books I've ever read on creativity: Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process. After I read a book like this I always go back and re-read the bookmarks I made (I use the Kindle app on my phone). Allow me to share what I think are some the book's best ideas...

You must always have something more for them to see. Always. Always. Always.

 The best art in the world comes from a place from within the artist. Sure, we're inspired by this or that, but it is our life experience that I find to be the deepest well for developing our creations.

The best ideas must move you before they can move someone else. Find the thing that causes a lump in your throat and moves you deeply - then work from there.

The best works of art are the ones that don't set out to prove a point but that set out to tell a story, create a relationship; seek to put into words or pictures an unexplained feeling.

More on this next week.


 Cows can't be sad... can they? Another drive-by on my way home from work.