Doing is the key

The medium must always be in service to the content.       Blaine Hogan

If you don't have the best camera; if you don't have Photoshop; if you don't have script writing software; if you don't have a fancy keyboard; if you don't have the latest edition of Word; if you don't have a secretary.....  create anyway.

Rarely does the lack of tools restrict what we can do creatively. An entire photography book was written using only iPhone photos. Successful movies have been shot with home video recorders. One man launched his directing career by shooting a short film entirely on a DSLR camera that happened to have video capabilities.

Equipment is good. Vision is vital. Doing is the key.


Around here (Columbiana, OH) the end of summer is signaled by fields of corn that rise up and stand guard for a short period of time.