Go small

What if you had to limit your creative project to a fraction of the normal size? I found this to be very interesting when I decided to do some “macro” photography over the holidays. Macro photography requires you to get very up close and personal with your subject because you take a shot of a tiny fraction of what you might normally take. I have an example of this in my PIC-OF-THE-WEEK below.

But does this transfer to other forms of art? If you compose songs try writing a jingle. If you paint still life maybe you could paint a small section of the subject. If you write short stories try writing copy for an ad or a 140 character tweet. If you sew clothes try sewing a blouse for a doll.

The point is to give yourself artificial constraints that force you to look at things differently than you would have otherwise. New perspective: new creativity.


I always look forward to this guy’s appearance at our house. He always shows up at Christmas time.