Personal project

One of the best ways to stay creative is to do a personal project. A couple years ago I decided to create a calendar using photos that I had taken during weekend bike rides. I ended up calling it “Within Biking Distance” and gave them out to my family for Christmas. My sister-in-law recognized a farm photo and knew that a friend of hers grew up there. So she told her friend about it and she subsequently bought 14 calendars from me.

But the purpose of this story isn’t necessarily the end result even though it was nice to sell some calendars. The important principle is that once I decided to do the “Within Biking Distance” series, I had a goal – something that focused my creative efforts. I had fun taking the photos and was able to plan when each phase of the project needed to be done so I could “ship”.

Check out this incredible personal project:  10,000 lakes. What’s your next personal project?


I was glad to be in a plane and not having to find my way around that road spaghetti.