Capture your heart

Much of what we do comes from our interests and passions. Hopefully you’re fortunate to work in a field that is an area of passion, or at least do something at work that interests you.  But if not, at least your creative pursuits outside of work can be driven from your inner core – the thing(s) that make you cry or pound your fist on the table.

I don’t do a lot of portrait or people photography. But when I do, I like to capture a story or an emotion. The photo below presented itself to me as I was walking in a park in Florida. The park is in the middle of a retirement area and I knew this couple embodied a story. Even though they both need a walker to get around, they were committed to getting out and enjoying the sunshine together. Somehow I also felt they were committed to each other and will continue to walk together as long as they are able.

Think about what moves you. Create from your heart.


Every day is a gift.