A milestone

52 entries! (well, 51 – I took a week off over vacation) Last year at this time I started this blog to explore creativity with you and offer some of my thoughts and projects. I’ve stuck with it for a year and I hope it’s been helpful to you – it has for me!

Now I’d like to change things up a bit and incorporate some practical information on photography, music composition, working with Photoshop, etc. I’ll still weave thoughts and ideas about creativity into the mix but I want to share more of the actual process I go through as I create.  I hope that you are even more inspired and motivated to develop your unique creative gifts.

Here is a Photoshop tutorial that I hope will make sense as you look at it. Each layer and its corresponding settings are listed. If you have any thoughts or questions, please post and I’ll respond to you.



Here's a better resolution of the tutorial photo. We spent a night in Sugarcreek, Ohio and I found this bus out in the middle of a field. Seems to go with the old windmill, doesn't it?