Crop tightly

If you’re a photographer you know the importance of isolating the subject in a composition. You also know how difficult it is to eliminate all the things that don’t need to be in the frame.

This is true of other art forms as well. I’m directing a theater show right now that I wrote along my wife and a friend of mine. The play takes many twists and turns throughout. But the essence is revealed at the very end of the show where we isolate two characters right at the edge of the stage with a single, bright spotlight. Their dialogue, their position, the music – everything “crops” down to show the core message: life transformation.

As you create, think about the core or the essence of your piece. What does it speak to? What is the subject? What is the main principle you want to communicate?


In the spirit of cropping tightly, I tried to isolate the gazebo and reflect the peace and quiet that would come with sitting on the chair.