Into the essence

I’m directing a theater show and met with an actor last night to rehearse some of his lines. Before we got started, we had a conversation about the character he was playing. We talked about what kind of person the character was and why he was important to the story. We explored his personality traits and how he would react to different things. It’s a fairly complex character and it really helped to focus in on this character more specifically.

I think this could be helpful when we work on creative projects. When we take time to really think about the essence of what we're creating it helps eliminate unnecessary elements. If it’s a musical score – what's the “hook” of the song? If it’s a script – what’s the central message people should leave the theater with? If it’s a painting or photograph – what’s the subject , what’s the central idea, what’s the key emotion?


This tree really stood out to me when I saw it. To me it shows how life can overcome death.