Adjust your soul

Yesterday morning I drove out to a state park near where I live to get photos of the sunrise. I also wanted to get HDR photos of a river valley with the early morning light shining on it. It was a beautiful morning and the warm morning light was perfect. I came away from that adventure feeling adjusted – kind of like when you go to a chiropractor for a back adjustment - only this was an adjustment for my soul.

An adjustment to the soul is different for everyone. For you, it might be spending time with friends. Or, it might be taking an afternoon to cook a 4 course meal. It’s not always practical to do this, but that’s the point. If you don’t intentionally schedule adjustments like this, they seldom occur.

Soul adjustments can also be great for creativity because it takes us away from the normal and the expected. They give us a chance to experience something other than our every day routine, which is conducive to creative thoughts and ideas.

So, go adjust your soul sometime soon.


Here's a shot from yesterday. I didn't know this bridge was on my way but it was a nice place to photograph.