Overcome self doubt

Creating something usually means developing a new or unusual thought, artwork, story, etc. And because it’s new, it’s untested. And because it’s untested, there’s an element of evaluation where people assess its worth. If it’s a new book, is it worth my time to read? If it’s a new song, does it tell the story well? If it’s a new business, will it make any money?

All of this can lead to one of the most common and difficult barriers for artists – self-doubt. This is especially true if you experienced a negative evaluation of something you’ve created.

If you find yourself struggling with this, read the thoughts below. They come from Scott Bourne’s blog. Scott is a world class photographer and shares some great wisdom here:

1. Surround yourself with positive people and influences and reduce or remove those that are negative.

2. Listen to yourself. Be quiet. Be still. Listen to what you think about yourself.

3. Be ready to argue with yourself if you hear or feel negative about your creative prospects. That’s your opinion of your circumstances talking not your circumstances.

4. Practice affirming yourself and others in creative environments.

5. Concentrate. Multi-tasking is highly overrated. Try to use your whole brain on your art. Try to make sure you go to bed thinking about your creative tasks and make sure to attend to them as soon as you wake up. When you’re fresh, and life’s little foibles haven’t gotten to you yet, you are at your best.


When I run in the mornings I sometimes go past these guys during their morning stroll. The sun always comes up behind them which offers alot of backlit shots.