What will it cost?

Sometimes there are creative ideas that take more time than others. Bigger projects usually require more commitment of time and resources. When you find yourself considering whether to begin a substantial creative project, consider this great advice from the book Good Idea. Now what? by Charles Lee:

I believe that life can be more fully enjoyed when we pursue things that really matter at the end of the day. Not all ideas are created equally. In other words, are the ideas you are pursuing moving you in the right direction of things that really matter to you? Keep in mind that each idea that is implemented well comes at a significant personal cost.
I recommend that you pause and reflect on what it is you hope to ultimately accomplish through your new idea. Pursue things that really matter to you because things that matter provide a deep sense of purpose, pleasure, and peace.


Sometimes the difference between "RAW" and "COOKED" is significant. This is one of those times. I snapped a quick photo at Hale Farm in Akron, OH, hoping I could do something with it afterward. I was drawn to this man - wondering what he was thinking as he sat there... maybe it's because we share the same hair style...