Time to learn

The world is so much different now than it was 20 years ago when it comes to learning. Who would have guessed that in 2012 you can speak any subject into your phone and get instant access to text, images and video of that subject? But that is now possible.

It’s also a reality that human beings are still pretty much the same when it comes to time management and discipline. Yes, the technology is there, but are we taking full advantage of it for our creative pursuits? Do we set aside time each day/week/month to learn a new aspect of our creative craft?

I’ve found one thing that helps me be more intentional about setting aside time to learn: pay for it. I belong to the Nat’l Association of Photoshop Professionals. I’d like to say that I qualified for this with my skill, but all I did was pay the $99 yearly fee. However, since I made this investment, I set aside time to access their great tutorials.


This lake is in a condo development near my house. I wanted to emphasize the glow of the lamplight and add some snow for a more peaceful feeling.