Create a template

One of the best ways to complete a repetitive creative task is to create a template for your work. Recently I was asked to arrange some songs for a concert I’m playing in at the Salem Community Theater. There are 14 original songs by singer/songwriter Natalie Sprouse. Before I began the task of writing out chord charts, I took the time to develop a template in Photoshop that had the structure and layout I needed for each chord chart:

While this took some time up front, it became incredibly freeing because I now had a framework and could re-use all the elements on the page for each song. So if you have a repetitive task that relies on a similar layout or framework, take time to build a template. It takes discipline to do it, but can save time when you get to the end of the project.


OK, I added the moon - got it off a Google image search. It just seemed like it should be there...