Run to Creativity

Creativity can strike you at many different times and in different situations. But I have found that a regular routine of physical activity is a great way for my mind to wander and explore freely. For me it’s running every other morning. For you it could be a brisk walk, calisthenics, biking, or any other activity that gets your blood pumping and your mind creating.

Whatever you end up doing, here are some thoughts on making the most of it:

  1. Keep it balanced – find the right level of exertion. If it’s too hard, your body takes over the conversation. But don’t make it too easy because you might as well get some physical benefit from it!
  2. Try for 30 minutes – It always takes a little time to get in the creative groove so allow for this and don’t cut the creative time short. Plus the endorphins kick in at the end and seem to boost creativity even more.
  3. Keep it “un-routinized” – I have at least 4 different routes I can take when I run. Mixing them up keeps it from becoming too familiar.
  4. Tell your brain it’s “creative time” – Allow yourself the freedom to have outlandish thoughts and ideas. And make the time conducive to this. For some this may mean playing music or having some other audio/visual stimulus. For me, I’m most creative when all I hear is the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement.

Find something physical to do and see how it affects your creativity. By the way, I wrote most of this post in my head while running this morning.


I was at the Atlanta Airport a few weeks ago and they announced that Airforce One would be on the runway. I just happened to be at the window on the right side with my camera. It's an amazing sight to see this plane up close.