Pace Yourself

There’s a lot of talk about diving into your creative work – getting it done – making sure you “ship”. All that is good advice and it’s essential that you do something if you want to create something. But as with anything balance is the key, especially when you begin to get in the zone and do what you are created to do. Time gets lost. Hours go by. And when I do that I tend to eventually hit a brick wall where I run of juice. All of a sudden I don’t have anything else to give.

So remember to pace yourself and take breaks as you work on your projects. Some people find it better to go from one thing to another before they’re complete. Others, stick to one thing until it’s totally finished. However you work, take time every once in a while to get away and recharge. Someone once said “Divert daily, withdraw weekly and abandon annually.”


Rarely do I take an image and post it straight out of the camera. I enjoy post-processing as much as taking the photograph - working toward the image that was in my mind when I took the photo.