Creative teams

I’ve been involved in a number of productions with very creative people. In my experience, when creative people come together they really want to make the project work. They want to do their very best. And it’s surprising to me that they will trade hours and hours of their time to help make the project a success.

One of things I’ve learned is that if you’re leading a group of creative people (or any group for that matter), you need to allow for messiness.  You need to allow for the fact that we all bring emotions, perspectives, health issues, relational difficulties and a thousand other things that make us human. Sometimes I want to develop a plan, tell everybody how it’s going to work and then just “plug and play”. But you can’t ignore the humanness of us all – the need to relate and connect and communicate. And through it all it is very possible to have a project that ends up being so much more than you imagined, especially if you:

  1. cast a clear and compelling vision
  2. respect and encourage individual creativity
  3. anticipate what our humanness brings to the process
  4. keep working toward the best possible outcome


I know the "single, lone tree" theme is probably overworked, but there's still something appealing about it.