Sometimes when you're involved in a creative endeavor things don't go quite as you planned. I suggest 3 steps that have helped me when this happens:

   1. Step back - get away physically or at least mentally and try to gain perspective. Create some space between you and the situation. If you have the time, set it aside and come back to it after a brief period.

   2. Give thanks - this implies that there is someone to give thanks to and as a follower of Jesus I give thanks to God. This isn't because I think I "should" or because I'm trying manipulate the situation. It's simply because I know that God loves me and has a plan that is perfect for both for Him and for me. I can rest in that.

   3. Create again - think of plan B. Talk to those who are involved if you have a team. See if there is a way to complete the project differently than you envisioned in the beginning, because most likely there is.

I was co-director of a theater production recently and one of our lead characters, Brian Moore, did the show while he was battling cancer. He actually performed in the midst of weekly chemotherapy sessions. The other director and I decided to ask a couple characters to understudy in case he wasn't able to perform on show night. It would have been way less than ideal - Brian is an excellent actor – but we had plan B if necessary.


I could almost feel the sun drawing this corn up out of the ground when I took this photo.