Hit Ratio

My wife Lynette and I were in a plane coming back from a trip to the Grand Canyon. We happened to be looking at the photos we took and a man next to us said they were very nice photos. Then he said “You have a very good hit ratio”. I thanked him figuring it meant he thought there was a high percentage of good photos in the collection.

Over the last four years or so as I’ve embraced photography I’ve learned that to build a good hit ratio you have to have a lot of hits. I don’t mean hits in the sense of good photos. I mean the more you photograph, the better your hit ratio, as long as you learn as you go.

I’m sure this applies to any creative endeavor. Do it a lot. Practice it often. Risk wasting a canvas from time to time. I’m not sure if it really takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, but if you are passionate about what you’re doing much of the fun is the process of improving your hit ratio.


One of my favorite sunset subjects is this farm just outside the town I live in.