Jonah Lehrer gave an interview on creativity where he talked about something Bob Dylan experienced. Dylan had a creative block and was tired of being type casted in his music so he decided to spend some time at a cabin writing a novel. Then something mysterious happened. Here’s how he explains it:

[I]t came at his darkest moment. It came when he quit, it came when he hit the wall, when he had no idea what else to do, and then it came out of the blue and when it arrived, it felt like a revelation. It came attached with this feeling of certainty and those are both defining features of this very particular creative moment called a moment of insight and the defining features of this moment as defined by psychologists over the last few decades are one, the answer comes out of the blue. The answer comes when we least expect it. The answer comes often after we’ve been stumped, after we’ve been blocked, after we’ve basically given up, and then once it arrives, it feels like the answer. We don’t have to double check the math or reread the lyrics. We know this is what we’ve been waiting for.

Do you need to get away and do something different for awhile?


I rented a 10mm lens to get some architectural shots next week. It arrived early and I took this shot of my daughters flowers. Turns out it's a pretty good macro lens too.