The right tool

I've been working on a script for a play and discovered a great new tool. It's a iPad app called Index Card that lets you take a non-linear approach to a creative project. As you think about different aspects of the project, you record them on separate note cards that are all visible under that particular project. As I write, I'm researching the time period, the clothes, the current events and other pertinent information. I can easily transition back forth, keeping all of my notes color coded index cards that are easily accessible. And it's all digital which really works well for me since I'm also writing the script on my iPad (using a script writing app).

So, sometimes there is something to say about new tools that enable us to be more efficient and proficient as we create. Just remember that the lack of the perfect tool doesn't have to be an excuse either. There's a story about a photographer that was having dinner at someone's house. The host was marveling at the photographers work and said "Those are simply beautiful photos. Your work is outstanding. What camera do you use?" The photographer replied, "I'm glad to tell you but first I must say the meal tonight was delicious. What stove did you use?"


My son-in-law, Andrew, and I were hiking last week and this truck was oddly parked out in the woods. Seems like it belongs on a road somewhere...