Thoughts on doing

Rilla Alexander recently spoke at the 99% conference (1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration) and offered these words on the importance of doing, not just planning.

  • "Without the doing, the dreaming is useless." Most creative professionals are dreamers. Sure, a tendency to be struck with ideas and inspiration means you're in the right field, but it takes discipline to persevere past the "dreaming stage" and start chipping away at really making it happen.
  • There will always be another idea that looks better than the one you're working on. Rilla reframes "the grass is always greener" trope through a creative lens: Don't abandon your idea just because another one strikes you. Be aware of the temptation to change direction and give your idea a fighting chance to succeed first.
  • Don't let your high expectations hold you back. Rilla says, "Even something that fails to meet my expectations would be better than nothing." Sometimes, we let our fear of not living up to our own high standards prevent us from even beginning. Her advice? Just start. You can always iterate later.


Most of my photos are non-people photos, but I couldn't resist adding this one of my son-in-law, Nate and my new grandson, Nash. I shot this the day before my Nate returned to Afghanistan. He got to come home for the birth of his son.