If this song was a photograph

There is a song I listen to when I want to relax and unwind. It's by a music duo - Secret Garden - and the song is Sigma. It opens with Fionnuala Sherry singing the beautiful, haunting melody and then transitions into a violin solo. The last verse is sung by a chorus of singers and by that time I'm always more relaxed than I was when the song first started. There's a flute that appears and re-appears throughout the song that adds to its sense of peace and calm.
The PIC-OF-THE-WEEK (COOKED) photo below represents this song to me. There's a powerful convergence between the audio and the visual that can affect us in a positive way when they are blended together. In fact, many times when I'm editing photos and I want a certain feeling to the finished photo, I'll listen to a particular music genre - jazz fusion for taking chances, classical/smooth jazz for "standard editing" and mellow for peaceful photos. Each of these styles (and others) lead me into a certain way of thinking and feeling about the creative project I'm working on.
How could music impact your creativity in a positive way?