Just ship it

I am fortunate to have one day a week that I can devote to creative projects. I could work on another music CD. I could work on my photography project. I could write my blog. I could work on the script I started. But that’s just it – I can’t. At least I can’t do all of those things at the same time. So about a month ago I finally stopped and said “If I could only do one thing and one thing only, what would it be?” I think you have to say that if you want to ship.

So I’ve decided to ship my 2013 calendar. It has 12 photos of places in and around the town I live in. I call it “Within Biking Distance” since many of the photos were taken while I was riding my bike. At this point it’s all laid out and ready to be printed. And what’s amazing are some of the things that have happened since I said this is the one thing I’m going to do until it’s completed. I just “happened” to find a great deal on a $500 printer that only cost $100 so I can now do my own printing. I just “happened” to meet the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, where I was going to take it and see if they had any interest in it.

Often good things come to those who move forward with resolve and passion. And I don’t mean good just in the sense of the positive, since negative stuff can strengthen our resolve and help us grow through the problem. Personally, I believe if what I am doing fits within God’s will, He is my biggest cheerleader and is rooting for me all the way to finish line. Maybe He decides when to encourage me with a $100 printer and when to let something happen that makes me grow beyond it.

So pick something. One thing. Then do it.


I had a blast :) shooting fireworks at our local park on July 4th. You can see more of these here.