Three versions

Sometimes when I'm working on a creative project I deliberately try to end up with three different versions of the final piece. This invites a certain freedom to what I'm doing since I know I don't have to capture it exactly right. With photography, it can be the difference in color control, exposure, cropping, or any number of manipulations. In music, It can include tempo, key, time signature, etc. On my Christmas CD, I have two version of Silent Night - one in 3/4 time and one in 5/4 time. Sometimes you see this in movies where they have an alternate ending or a "director's cut".

As you work on your projects, try adding some alternates to your "ending" and see how it affects your creative process. Even though it seems like it might add some complexity, it might also allow you more freedom to experiment and get something you never anticipated.
In keeping with my post theme of three versions, here are three ways I chose to edit the "RAW" photograph I took in jacksonville, FL this week. Do you have a preference?