Think bizarre

What if the chair you are sitting on right now…

…was made from material you bought at the gigantic North Pole garage sale that’s held every January 10th?

…only worked from 8:00am to 5:00pm?

…had a coffee maker underneath it that would make your favorite latte in a Starbucks cup? …and the Starbucks logo is purple instead of green?

…knew what height and firmness each person in your house preferred just by the distinctive attributes of each person’s tush?

…had reading lights that mechanically unfolded at your voice command?

…turned into a couch from 5:00pm to 8:00am except for 1 hour at midnight where it turned into a pumpkin (just in case there happened to be a Cinderella in the house looking for a ride to a ball)?

…vibrated every 25 minutes to remind you that you’re working within the Pomodora Technique?

If you find yourself with writer’s, painter’s, composer’s, dancer’s, choreographer’s, block, try taking some time to think bizarre. Just decide that for the next 10 minutes your going to pick one object and go into fantasy land with it. Don’t judge and don’t filter. Just let your mind create bullet points like I did or a story that is so bizarre you wouldn’t dare share it with anyone. Then go back and read what you’ve created and I bet you’ll find something useful that helps you smash, jump, lift, push or walk around that big block that was in front of you.


I rarely photograph people and when I do it's usually my family. My wife thought this would be a nice photo of my daughter and grandson. I think she was right.