Work the plan

In previous posts I’ve talked about how to break down a creative project and move through the process to completion. I’m excited about a design project that is just about complete. It’s a calendar with photos from a series that I call “Within Biking Distance”. The photos are ones I’ve taken while riding my bike in and around our town of Columbiana, OH. I’ve decided to offer them to the area businesses for sale and see what kind of response I get. Here is the cover:


Remember, there are 4 components to any project:

  1. What are all the pieces that need done?
  2. How long will each piece take?
  3. When does each piece need to be done to meet the overall completion date?
  4. Who will do each piece?

Answer these questions and then put your head down and work the process.


I'm entering some photos in the Canfield Fair this week and this is one of them is categorized under "digital art".