That is good

This video is labeled “Storytelling” but the message I get from it is much different. It’s an inspirational piece about the importance of never giving up – knowing that there is something inside you that needs to come out even if it’s hasn’t quite made it yet. Watch it here:

Sometimes creating something new is a matter of uncovering the thing that is in your head, like a sculpture does when he chips away. And other times creating something new is entirely by random because you spent enough time experimenting without judging along the way. But regardless of the process, be careful not to get discouraged when the outcome isn’t up to what you hoped. Keep going. Try it again. Move on to something else for now. I do believe that at some point you will look at what emerges and you’ll say “That is good”.


There are a number of these wells popping up all over this region. My son in law and I snuck out the other night and got this shot.