The story

These days, marketing is all about story. Companies want their brand to connect with us on a story level because then we're drawn in personally. They want us to be part of their story and even invite us to influence the story.

I recently entered some photographs in a couple of the local fairs in our area. The categories I chose were people, animals, computer art and flowers. The one that got the most awards is below which was in the people category. As I've thought about what might have set this one apart form the others, I think there are two reasons:

1. It immediately tells a story

2. It evokes questions about the story

In other words, people were not only intrigued by the story but wanted to know more and perhaps even enter into it. As they entered into the story, maybe the questions some people asked were: - Did the child's dad just get home from a tour? - Is this the first time he is holding his new-born son? Or the last time? - Is he getting ready to go back overseas?

I think art can make a statement and/or evoke questions. And I have a feeling that the more questions a person has when they experience a piece of art, the more "stickiness" it has - the more they enter into the story themselves. How can your art invite others to enter into a story?


The real story - my son-in-law got to come home for his son's birth. This was taken just before he went back to Afghanistan. He just came home for good last Sunday.